Networking Luncheons

The North Carolina Economic Development Association (NCEDA) hosts a variety of networking luncheons throughout the year. Each luncheon focuses on current topics of interest to economic developers and includes the opportunity to interact with fellow professionals, opinion leaders, and others who have an interest in supporting our state’s economic development activities.

February 2018 Networking Luncheon

Date: Thursday, February 15 / Noon – 1:30 pm
Subject: Using GIS to Market Your Economic Development Assets:  North Carolina Case Studies
Location: City Club Raleigh

2018 February Networking Luncheon Agenda
2018 February Networking Luncheon Attendee List

2018 February Networking Luncheon Presentations:
  • Chris Nichols – Product Manager, geothinQ
    Chris’ demonstration was based on geothinQ’s platform ( geothinQ is a pioneer of on-demand geographic land mapping and data visualization.  It features an accessible, forward facing platform, with an interface that feels familiar even after a few clicks. Users visualize data relevant to their region, and the built-in search and analytical functions can display different scenarios and answer value-based questions.  Use geothinQ’s standard layers, including ownership boundaries, large tracts, value per acre, topography, wetlands and FEMA flood zones to quickly visualize the geography of your region; geothinQ also contains powerful property search features, strong graphics tools for strategizing, a collaboration platform and high-quality PDF creation capabilities.  geothinQ is available as a custom GIS product (contact Chris at and a geothinQ Regions product.  To view a complete list of geothinQ Regions and the data they include visit:
  • Robin Spinks – Principal, Greenfield


December 2017 Networking Luncheon

Date: Thursday, December 7 / Noon – 1:30 pm
Subject: Innovation-based Economic Development Across North Carolina
Location: City Club Raleigh

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2017 December Networking Luncheon Agenda
2017 December Networking Luncheon Attendee List

2017 December Networking Luncheon Speaker Presentations:

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