Government Advocacy for Economic Development

NCEDA is the primary voice promoting and supporting the interests of economic development in our state. That includes the responsibility for advocating with elected officials, other state policymakers and key community and business organizations.

Through the Legislative Committee, NCEDA takes a proactive approach to working with the members of the North Carolina General Assembly and others within state government whose actions and decisions impact our state’s business climate and its ability to recruit new employers and help existing ones grow. We work with our partners to advocate for policies, initiatives and programs that promote job creation, encourage investment and result in economic prosperity throughout North Carolina. We also communicate regularly with our members to keep them informed about relevant legislation and other news

2023 Economic Development Legislative Priorities


Product Development and Site Readiness

  • Maximize business recruitment and expansion in North Carolina by supporting site development needs. NCEDA seeks $100 million for a competitively awarded product development revolving fund to help communities finance site analysis, preparation, and land acquisition.
  • Boost support for existing efforts to improve existing industrial and business properties through a $20 million recurring appropriation for the NC Department of Commerce’s Building Re-use Grant programs.


Workforce Innovation

  • Correct North Carolina’s workforce development disadvantage by approving NCCCS’s request for salary alignment with neighboring states: continuing the three-year salary increase proposal, 3.5% in FY 2023-24 and 3.5% in FY 2024-25.
  • Support greater career planning, apprenticeships, and an expansion of Career Coaches.
  • Support drop-out age increase to 18 and scholarships for short-term training credential.
  • Address deficiencies in North Carolina’s labor market by studying possible amendments to the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program that offer employers the flexibility to temporarily reduce work hours (i.e., “short-term compensation”) in lieu of complete worker separation, as well as other measures to maximize the state’s workforce assets.


Enhancing Our Competitive Posture

  • Support additional reforms to the franchise tax, which detract from tangible investments in North Carolina.
  • Improve the impact of the One North Carolina program by increasing the employment ceiling for Tier 3 counties covered under G.S. 143B-437.08 to 140,000.
  • Embrace opportunities to maximize the effectiveness of the One North Carolina program as a project-closing tool by studying the program’s administrative guidelines, funding levels and other limitations.



Driving Development Video Series

NCEDA’s legislative educational video series, Driving Development, shares more information about the association’s legislative efforts and goals in an informal and entertaining way. All four episodes, plus our bloopers reel, are linked below!