How Remote Worker ‘Digital Nomads’ Are Moving for Cash Incentives

How Remote Worker ‘Digital Nomads’ Are Moving for Cash Incentives


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May 24, 2021

Cities like Tulsa have begun offering cash incentives to attract so-called digital nomads, the work-from-anywhere professionals fleeing dense metro areas due to high costs and vulnerability to COVID-19. A new program in West Virginia is giving up to $20,000 to transplants under a $25 million program sponsored by Brad Smith, chairman of Intuit Inc. and a West Virginia native. Two trends are driving Smith’s strategy. “The first is the shift towards remote work and the second is the shift in geographic preference toward more rural settings, and those happen to intersect perfectly with West Virginia’s most valuable assets, which are welcoming communities and our outdoor recreational amenities,” Smith explains. The program, which aims to attract 1,000 new residents over seven years, has already received over 7,000 applications. Advertising programs are highlighting such features as average wireless speed, median home price, and distance to major airports and shopping centers.

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